In a world where not even small businesses are safe from cyber threats,

Owl Protect You.

Despite what most small business owners believe, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are a significant target for cybercriminals. In fact, cyber attacks on small businesses are on the rise. Unfortunately, most SMBs do not yet have a formal cybersecurity plan in place [1], yet many of these companies end up closing their doors within a few months of a successful data breach [2] as the average cyber attack costs small businesses $200,000 [3].

At Khonsoo, we help resource-strapped small businesses get an honest assessment of their cyber readiness. Through our general cyber hygiene, compliance, and ransomware assessments, we work side-by-side with SMB leaders to help them understand the threats to their organizations and where significant weaknesses are present. We provide our clients with key recommendations in a strategic, phased approach that is tailored to the specific needs of each organization. In addition, we help SMBs prepare to handle the requirements of cyber insurance underwriters as well as obtain cyber insurance policy renewals. Ask about our cyber insurance premium reduction program!

Starting from the ground up and do not know where to begin? Need a periodic assessment that takes into account the ever-changing cyber landscape? Trying to shore up your level of protection after a data breach has occurred or planning how to limit your exposure to ransomware? Let Khonsoo help you and your SMB get where you need to be.