Cyber Services Tailored to Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Going through all the technical jargon in cybersecurity can be a daunting task. In addition, trying to determine which cybersecurity standard(s) your organization is obligated to follow can seem like an ever-shifting requirement. Compounding these issues is the high likelihood that the individual assigned "cyber" responsibilities also runs the HR operations for the small business. Hopefully this assignment came before a cyber audit. Regardless of the situation, we at Khonsoo have your back. Our services are designed with you specifically in mind.

How Khonsoo Helps SMBs

  • General cyber hygiene assessment

    This is a great service if you have no idea where your business needs to begin, it has been some time since your last hygiene checkup, or you need a second opinion on the strength of your business' overall cyber resilience. Cyber threats change, and organizations need to make sure that assessments are performed periodically. Through an extensive set of criteria that represents best practices and our own proprietary metrics, a cyber hygiene assessment is a great exercise to ensure that your small business gets the attention that larger corporations do.

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  • Compliance assessment

    While our cyber hygiene assessment helps organizations determine which industry and governmental mandates they are required to follow, our compliance assessment service delves deeply into each of the mandates to help ensure that our clients know about those specified controls and identify weaknesses that need to be shored up. More frequently than not, through our engagements, our clients discover an additional mandate or two with which they need to comply. It is much better to make this determination before a cyber crisis hits as unexpected legal ramifications that pop up in the aftermath of an attack are at the least a major headache, and at worst, add to the financial and labor resources required to recover from the attack...if that is a possibility. Khonsoo, LLC is not a legal service provider.

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  • Ransomware assessment

    Ransomware still represents a major cyber issue no matter organizations' size and industry, yet so many organizations are simply not prepared to respond adequately. Think about it: if you began work today and you could not access your payroll, inventory, and/or customer relationship systems, could you operate at any meaningful level? Or how about being unable to access email? How would go about conducting business for that day, week, or even month? Through our ransomware assessment service, we help SMB leaders better understand the current nature of ransomware, its causes, and how their businesses can better protect against ransomware. Moreover, we help SMBs strategically plan for recovery if ransomware affects the organization. Can your SMB handle significant downtime and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses due to ransomware? We didn't think so.

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Trying to obtain or renew cyber insurance coverage?

It's great that you're considering getting (or renewing) cyber insurance for your organization. However, there's a lot of risk in cybersecurity, and your business must show that it is fit to be insured, whether you are a new or existing client. In fact, cyber insurers are steadily raising rates while decreasing coverage limits due to the volatility that cyber presents [1]. If you haven't reviewed your organization's cybersecurity efforts in some time, or (cough) don't know if your company has ever really done much in this area, you should really think about having a team perform an assessment. We've encountered so many small business leaders who think that because they apply and are able to pay a premium that they'll be covered in the case of a breach, only to find out that they need to delve into their processes beforehand. Worse, some leaders believe that their ordinary business insurance protects them in the event of a cyber issue when they don't (eek!)

While we are not an insurance company, we have reviewed the requirements of numerous cyber insurance providers and understand the various requirements of standards and regulations like HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, CCPA, CMMC, etc. We integrate these along with our experience performing audits for the larger corporations to help our clients understand their weaknesses and what to do moving forward relative to these standards. We cannot guarantee that a specific cyber insurance provider will definitively approve a policy, but we can guarantee that your small business will receive the attention it finally deserves.

Trying to understand the results from a cyber audit?

Already take the initiative to have a cyber audit performed and you're trying to interpret the results? You're not alone. So often these reports contain so much "cybergeek" jargon that it seems like you need to have a Ph.D. to understand them. At Khonsoo, we assist small businesses get to the core findings and help them shore up their weaknesses.

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